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Jeff Tinklet Lead Content Manager and Support Representative at Phones Spy
Jeff Tinklet
Lead Content Manager and Support Representative at Phones Spy.

Jeff is a real workaholic and he often stays longer in office than anybody else. Basically, Jeff steers the ship, deciding what news to cover, and how to cover them. He grew up in Wyoming, but now lives in New York. I would say he is one of the most recognized persons in Spy Phone business. And also great expert!
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It started 1 year ago. I was engaged making wedding plans, excited about my future life with my future husband. I don't know when it started exactly but remember I woke up one morning and had this bad feeling that my future husband is cheating on me.

He started working late. I used to call him and he was not answering. It just seemed really suspicious. I tried to talk to him, but he was like a closed book and got angry every time I opened that subject. I just wanted to know the truth before making a mistake and get married.

I started to search the internet for people with same suspicion and find out there is that spy phone app. I installed it and started to receive all calls he made, photos he made, messages he received, his email, social media accounts, his latest locations...

And yes I saw some disturbing texts and calls he made, which made me realize that he was not the best choice for me.
Susan Jackson
Susan Jackson
Things have changed in the spy software market. At this time FlexiSPY is the ONLY legitimate company to offer the advanced features – Live Call Intercept, Call Recording, Surroundings Recording and Remote Camera. If you feel you must have any of these options, quite simply this is the only software that can do it.

Where FlexiSPY also stands out is their design and ease of installation and use, and their support. They have led the way with top support for quite a while. The information on their site is second to none, and when you really need help you can get someone quickly.
Michael Keenan Spyzrus Inc.
Michael Keenan
Spyzrus Inc.
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